God spoke to Prophet Ondina Laszlo personally many years ago regarding His call over her life to lead a ministry for women. In 2019 Apostle Maldonado released a prophetic word from the Lord over her saying, “There is an assignment of which | spoke to you personally, that has to do with women across the world, who are crying out for deliverance, crying out for an experience with the living God. Today | anoint you to go. | release that prophetic mantle over you. Take it!” When that prophetic word was released over her life by her spiritual father, she sought God again regarding the fulfillment of His purposes and after much prayer, the Brilliant Woman Ministry was born.

Prophet Ondina Laszlo has a strong call to prophetically reveal hidden truths of the Word of God locally and in the nations. She has ministered in diverse churches throughout the United States and in many other nations. She graduated from the “Rhema Institute of the Living Word”, and has a Master’s in Ministry from the University of the Supernatural Ministry. She has been a professor of King Jesus Leadership Institute and of the University of the Supernatural Ministry.

Prophet Ondina Laszlo has been active in ministry for over 15 years and is the author of a series of books entitled “Kingdom Women.” She has been one of the pastors in the team of pastors at King Jesus Ministry for all those years. She was also the Regional Pastor of the English-speaking churches from USA and Canada, which are under the covering of KJM. She has currently been assigned by Apostle Maldonado to lead the women’s ministry of KJM titled “Brilliant Woman” and works within the ministry along with other pastors, making the vision that God gave Apostle Maldonado advance in the city of Miami and throughout the world. Prophet Ondina is married to her husband, Jose A. Laszlo and both reside in the city of Miami, Florida.

Prophet Jessica Rodriguez has been a part of King Jesus Ministry for more than 13 years and has been serving God directing and pastoring along with her husband, Apostle Dublas Rodriguez. She has a passion to see each believer find the call of God for their life, and help them find freedom so that they can fall more in love with Jesus.
Teacher Leticia Laffitte has been a part of King Jesus Ministry alongside her husband since 1997. She was ordained and commissioned by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, founder of King Jesus Ministry, as a minister and teacher in 2010. She has a strong call to teach the Word with a demonstration of God’s supernatural power. With almost 20 years of ministerial experience, Teacher Leticia is currently a professor at the University of the Supernatural Ministry in Miami, FL. God has given her a strong anointing to teach about the family, and also other key areas such as intercession, spiritual warfare, inner healing and deliverance, and biblical counseling.
Prophet Ingrid Rodriguez has served God since she was a child. Her passion to fulfill His will and serve His people has led her to King Jesus Ministry, where she is used by God to pastor in the ministry of children, family and more.
Pastor Erika Rodríguez is part of King Jesus International Ministry. She has actively served God in different departments and ministries. In June 2016, she was ordained and separated as a pastor to the Fivefold Ministry. She currently works as one of the main pastors in the ministry and pastors the Coral Gables campus along with her husband.

Pastor Carmenza has been in the ministry for more than 20 years, serving faithfully in different ministries within the church. She currently pastors the Shaddai Network in King Jesus Ministry.

Pastor Deborah Zamora At 18 years old she truly encountered God while attending a service at King Jesus Ministry (KJM) for the first time. At age 19, God spoke to her through her Spiritual Father, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, and through her personal time of prayer, that God was calling her for full time ministry. Pastor Deborah is passionate about preaching, teaching, pastoring, and building up the people of God to their utmost faith.
Pastor Grecia Recino Pastor Grecia Recino had an encounter with Jesus on March 10th, 2001. Along with her family Pastor Juan Carlos and her 2 daughters, she is part of the team of pastors at King Jesus International Ministry of Miami bringing deliverance, restoration and truth to those in need.
Pastor Jennifer Rosas encountered the supernatural power of God after being invited to King Jesus Ministry where she received Jesus into her heart. Since then, she has served the kingdom of God by pastoring the net Shekinah, and overseeing Regional pastors and bringing deliverance, healing and restoration through the power and love of God to the nations.
Pastor Katherine Regueiro has been a part of King Jesus International Ministry since 2002. In January of 2022, she was ordained as a pastor to the Fivefold Ministry along with her husband. They both currently pastor the Miami Beach Campus. Pastor Katherine has a rich background in production and a passion for business.
Pastor Maite López studied in the King Jesus Leadership Institute and University of Supernatural Ministry, where she earned her degree in Practical Ministry. She pastors full-time and is used powerfully in inner healing and deliverance.
Pastor Osmary Gonzalez has faithfully served God in various departments in the ministry. She has also been called to worship, she is passionate about worshipping God and unleashing the sounds of heaven and what God is speaking in the now through praise and worship. Currently Pastor Osmary is in charge of the Affirmation department within Vision and together with her husband she pastors one of the Ministry Networks. Her calling and passion is to see every believer find their calling in the body of Christ to serve and expand the kingdom of God here on earth.
Teacher Ana Santiesteban In 2014 she was ordained as a teacher and has traveled with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado assisting in mission trips, preaching in the nations, trained mentors and leaders for the Kingdom. She is a graduate of the King Jesus International Ministry Leadership Institute. Currently she pastors the net Yahweh with her husband
Pastor Astry Licona is an ordained pastor at King Jesus Ministry. Her passion is to speak boldly and with authority on issues relating to human trafficking, women’s rights in the ministry, and empowering people to move in the now of GOD.
Pastor Bery Mejia attended the University of the Supernatural Ministry here in King Jesus. Because of her personal experience in being restored, transformed, equipped and empowered, she now passionately serves the Ministry through counseling and expanding the kingdom to bring the supernatural power of God to earth.’