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First and foremost, OUR MISSION is to equip you spiritually and practically!

When we speak of a Brilliant Woman, we are referring to a woman who reflects the light of God to a world that is in darkness. Because of her relationship with Jesus Christ, she has great influence in the world that surrounds her: That may be her home, her workplace, her business, her family, her children, society in general, the government or anywhere she has been assigned to and established by God. Brilliant Women live out being a light to the world every day.

God spoke to Prophet Ondina Laszlo personally many years ago regarding His call over her life to lead a ministry for women. In 2019 Apostle Maldonado released a prophetic word from the Lord over her saying, “There is an assignment of which | spoke to you personally, that has to do with women across the world, who are crying out for deliverance, crying out for an experience with the living God. Today | anoint you to go. | release that prophetic mantle over you. Take it!” When that prophetic word was released over her life by her spiritual father, she sought God again regarding the fulfillment of His purposes and after much prayer, the Brilliant Woman Ministry was born.